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Need a loan while having a bad/poor credit history? Don’t look further! This article is for You.

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Need a loan while having a bad/poor credit history? Don’t look further! This article is for You.

Most of people do take loans and there is nothing shameful about that. They take them to buy a car, to buy a present, to buy a house, to start a business… there are lots of reasons we need some extra cash sometimes. We always hope for the better, but occasionally something bad might happen and we can not pay back what we borrowed.  And that is how we “earn” poor or bad credit history. Still, it is not the end of the world, I’m telling You.

By the way, have You heard anything about short term loans for people with bad/poor credit history? Not sure? Well, let’s have a look together, if there is anything there for You personally.

Most of such loans have following features, I dare say good ones:

  • Quick processed.  Waiting time (after applying) varies from 0 to 1 business day, on average.  But yes, there are loans that take longer (up to 5 working days);
  • With fixed rates. Your repayments will not be fluctuating with the time (that is nice to know, isn’t it);
  • Being unsecured. Hold on, it is not as bad as it might sound though. I know the term “unsecure” does have some negative meaning, but not in our case. So, a loan might be unsecured when a Lender requires nothing from You to process Your request (no collaterals are needed). No bad at all, isn’t it?  See, I told You )
  • Different purposes.  Meaning that whether You want to take a personal loan to consolidate Your existing debt or go on holidays to Maldives – no problem at all, You will most probably be granted it;
  • Prepay and save feature is also good to know about. If You pay Your loan ahead of time, You won’t need to pay additional fees. Sounds great! )

Now that You know a bit about what You can expect, let’s have a look at available to us types of loans.

  • Payday Loan is a short-term loan which You normally would need to repay by Your next payday. No collaterals are needed, but the annual percentage rate (APR) is normally higher than usual. Mind, although on the market, this type of loan might not be available at some of the States.
  • Instalment loan involves equal periodical repayments over an agreed loan term. No collaterals are needed either, but the APR is normally lower compared to the one of the payday type.
  • With an Auto Title Loan You will need to own a car/motorcycle to apply for it, so that the title of the latter is used as a “security”. One thing is no doubt good about providing “security”: the APR is lower than in both previously described types of loans. Bad thing in giving the “security” is that You might lose Your “security” (car/motorcycle) if You fail to pay instalments on time.
  • Cash advance is pretty much a payday type, but it involves either Your using cash advance facility to withdraw money from ATM (if having a credit card) or asking for cash advance from Your employer (steady job case).

Where to start from?

Look, I went that extra mile for You and decided to make a list of basic steps for Your successful application for a personal loan (don’t be shy to amend it or adjust for Your purposes):

  • Make a list of lenders who specialize in lending money to those with poor/bad credit history;
  • Find the lender with the lowest APR. Well, You definitely want to save the money. And comparing the APRs should help You find the best deal available;
  • Before choosing the repayment plan, You need to make a plan and evaluate adequately what money You will be able to depart with every month. This way You will have a better understanding what Your monthly spending will look like and Your chances to pay back the amount You are going to borrow;
  • Try to apply to one lender at a time, as applying to several companies in a go might, sort of, worsen Your image in the eyes of Lenders (most of them can get all the information needed about You online) and Your chances to get what You need will most probably decrease;
  • Apply in store if Your urge for money can’t wait a day or two, otherwise – find the lender who can deal with Your request online as most of the loans do not require collaterals;
  • Relax and wait ) Or better review Your plans for the future so that nothing will stand in the way of Your paying back the borrowed amount.

And come back to us ) Let us know about Your experience and if this article was in any way helpful for You to decide on Your next step to the prosperous future. Good Luck to You ) 


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